Bella Mota

Bella Mota Design is an art & design company, built to support those who love the cannabis lifestyle. We specialize in etched glass, custom vinyl applications, handcrafted art and exclusive designs !

 Bella- means “beautiful” in Italian and Spanish translations.

Mota- is Mexican slang for “marijuana.”

 What could be more beautiful than a plant that can improve both your health and your happiness? Having accessories that reflect your personal style is one of the best ways to enjoy the high life!
 So, we celebrate the Beauty of Marijuana!

Bella, when you take it back to the Latin (bellum), means “War."

And, back in Mexico, the literal definition of the word “mota” is “speck”.

 Marijuana is a non-toxic plant that saves lives. But even now, as physicians prescribe heavy narcotics and pharmaceuticals to children with cancer and epilepsy, people are still going to jail for growing or even having possession of this plant.
 Heroin overdoses and opioid addiction are epidemic in the United States driven by increases in prescribing for chronic pain, even though "Medical cannabis laws are associated with significantly lower state-level opioid overdose mortality rates"
Meanwhile, the most dangerous thing about cannabis is getting arrested for it. 

We are at War over a Speck. 

Wearing your cannabis lifestyle with pride helps to educate and normalize the truth, which will help the efforts of those pushing the legislative changes that will protect all of our families.

Thanks for your support!

Keep Blazing, Be Amazing! ~Bella Mota Design